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Home Champion, the China expert

Paul, our man at your disposal Importing from China is a difficult task. The language, culture, way of doing business and habits, all differ from Western Europe. This may cause problems. In order to facilitate the process for you, we put our knowledge, our experience and our local employee in China at your disposal.

Paul, our colleague in China

Jonas Verhaeven, General Manager of Home Champion attributes the expertise to the profound knowledge of China: 'Our main asset is Paul Wei Tu, our colleague in China'. Born in the Far East, Paul Wei Tu moved to Europe when he was very young. Brought up in both Asia and Europe, he feels good in both worlds... He knows what is really important for the European businessman and knows how to pass it on to the Asian manufacturers. Francis Veranneman adds: 'To feel at home in both the business culture here and in Asia is not obvious, but it is very crucial!'. Their language is not ours, however, Paul Wei Tu manages it perfectly.

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