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Import is a complex matter, especially if you see things big and you want to do business outside the European Union. We know the tricks of the trade and make your adventures abroad feasible.

Our experts share their knowledge with you. We go to extremes to reach your goal.


What is the best country to import from? China might not be the best choice for you. Our experts guide you throughout your adventure, before, during and after.


We look for the best suppliers or, the manufacturer of your choice is subjected to thorough quality controls.

A different business culture

We help you to understand a different culture. Paul Wei Tu, our man in China, provides you individual guidance; you visit both trade shows and companies where your product will be produced and where you can meet local experts.

Import rights

Administration is part of our jobImport rights have to be paid on goods. We guide you throughout the process or we take care of it on your behalf.


The goods and the transport have to be insured, but the legislation is very complicated. Home Champion takes care of all of this for you.


Home Champion brings products from one point to the other by following the regulations. We take care of the loading of the containers, fumigation, unloading the shipment and the delivery. We also take into account the potential costs for scanning of the container. Thus no worries about unexpected cost!

Patent investigation

A patent investigation is a must when you would like to import goods or adjust existing goods. We can also take care of this.


Handling harbour taxes, inspections, certificates, can be complicated abroad. Take advantage of our know-how.


Administration is part of our jobThe packaging has to endure a journey of thousands of kilometres. We design and adjust the packaging to European legislation, and personalise everything with your logo and personal barcode, if so required.

Store and showroom

Home Champion can store your products, for a fixed term.

Quality control

The approach to quality differs from country to country. Home Champion examines the quality of the products, keeping the European standards in mind.

Technical service

Our technicians are at your disposal to swiftly and correctly conduct repairs, if necessary.

Recupel and Bebat

In Belgium, special rules apply to electronic products and batteries. Count on us to avoid surprises.

Spare parts

What to do if your clients ask for spare parts for products made in China? No problem, we thought of this as well.

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