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Ship in the Chinese sea For over 15 years now, we help our clients to realise their ideas abroad. Our cases speak for themselves.

Service for an acceptable budget

It comes as no surprise that products made in the Far East are inexpensive. But did you know that the import of these products doesn’t necessarily have to be expensive? It can be done with an acceptable budget, without losing sight of the quality. The European norms and laws have to be met, but also the continuous follow-up is extremely important. We can take care of this, here and on the spot.

'One of our clients wanted to import a product from China and had already contacted the manufacturer. Home Champion took care of the packaging, transport and administration. Today, this client imports 55% of his products from Asia' (A. Cassiman)

Pass on tasks?

Would you like to import products, but you don’t know where to start? Our professional team in Belgium and China will take care of all practical matters, or will explain every step of the way to you, so you can focus on your core business. The choice is yours.

'One of our clients found that the product, that was manufactured for him in Europe, was too expensive and asked us to look for similar products in China. Our co-worker looked, in collaboration with the client, for the best supplier, out of a choice of 5 potential candidates. We found similar products, a team of engineers took care of the necessary alterations for the Belgian market and we conducted a patent investigation. We took care of the entire process, from follow-up of the production to watch over the quality control and the unloading of the container.'

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