You are our passion

A transport truck is leaving the harbor Home Champion is not only involved in selling and buying from Asia and Eastern Europe. We also design new products, optimise or improve where necessary and we adapt the products to the needs of the Western market, using the best possible materials. 'Fixing the best quality German hinges to a cupboard manufactured in Vietnam? It is feasible. Our intention is to produce high quality products. Even for our Chinese partners, this was a new approach.'
(A. Cassiman)

Passion for your product

We build our approach around your product, needs and desires. You decide what we look for, because you know your market like nobody else. Thanks to our knowledge of the Chinese market, our local employees look for suppliers and arrange company visits. A Quality of Service contract is drawn up with our Chinese experts, as a point of reference. Once the proposal for the prototype has been approved, the production can start. This way we can guarantee you the best quality.

Your product is our main concern.

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